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looping software query

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i've been using hardware loopers for many years and have been through most of the cheaper end of the range (JamMan, RC-20, RC-2, DL-4) and finally settled on an RC-50 and Lo-fi loop junky.  but, following my move to using Logic on Mac for recording last year, i now have access to Main Stage and wondered about making a more portable live setup using that. 
I have no experience of software looping tools so wondered if anyone could give some advice on what i might be able to use.
Basic requirement is to be able to record one loop (hands free as i'm a guitarist) and layer on top in sync, switching in and out as needed, but also to occasionally use a pre-recorded loop as a start point (possibly not for sync as it might be a drone).
Also any suggestions of a good floor controller
thanks in advance for any suggestions
      - y e l l o w 6 -