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Re: Korg Microsampler

Hi matt,
so lets say i want to sample my piano sounds,vintage organs or string
sounds all across the keyboard and switch octaves if i need to
would this be a tidious thing to do? hows the editor?

On Sun, May 22, 2011 at 12:33 PM, Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
> So,  in the final analysis,  a thumbs up or down on this keyboard,
> Matt?
> Are there any cool experimental functions or way to get the keyboard
> to freak out, interestingly?
> rick walker
> On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, Matt Davignon wrote:
>> I have a microsampler too. It's another one I haven't figured out much
>> yet.
>> This keyboard has its uses, but feels like Korg tragically missed the
>> opportunity to make something wonderful. I would expect a modern
>> sampling keyboard to have these basic features:
>> --The ability to adjust start, end and loop points for the selected
>> sample on the fly with dedicated controls.
>> --ASDR envelopes (attack/sustain/decay/release)
>> --a pitch wheel and a mod wheel.
>> The microsampler has NONE of these things. I believe there's a way to
>> edit start, end and loop points, but you have to hunt through menus to
>> get there.
>> It's a great tool for making hip-hop beats that use samples. In fact,
>> the feature set is completely steered towards this. It has a nice peak
>> detection feature so you could run a drum beat through it, and it
>> would split each hit into a different sample automatically. Another
>> nice feature lets you sample and assign a key to a sound at the same
>> time. When you turn the mode on, you simply hold down the selected
>> note for as long as you want it to record a sample. The sample is
>> saved to that key. I then use a dry-erase marker on the keys to remind
>> me which sample is on each key.
>> Once you have samples, dedicated switches let you loop and reverse
>> them. You can't loop/reverse the samples all at once - only for the
>> keys that you're holding down.
>> One really annoying thing is that the default samples are all
>> beatboxing sounds. Apparently whoever designed this keyboard is either
>> a beatboxer, or was sleeping with one at the time. I haven't yet
>> figured out how to get it to start up with a "blank slate" on the keys
>> - or even better, the samples I had previously loaded.