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Re: Help fill my rack!!!

mark francombe schrieb:

Anyway, due to the fact that when folded down the rack items must not clash with the drawer items, there is a gap in the middle, of about 2U.

Cool setup! Let's see, there's two EDPs, a Repeater, and a Vortex (which also counts as a looper) - so why not add two Looperlatives? ;-P

How much is "shallow" for that installation situation?

If 12cm is not too much: Nord Modular G2 Engine. Add an Akai MPD24 to control it (put it next to the footswitches). Claude Voit used to use one to control his EDPs via the sequencer.

MAM (music and more - do they still exist?) have done several analogue 1HU thingies: the RS3 (3 korg-style bandpass filters), a moog-style lowpass, a 11-band vocoder and a tb303 sound module.

The Waldorf MicroQ is very shallow, but not hardcore-tweakable (4 soft knobs). Same goes for the Microwave. and the Pulse (analogue). No sequencer that I know of, though. The Rack Attack is mainly good for drum sounds, but can also do convincing leads/basslines - and has some kind of pattern sequencer.

Waldorf, in my opinion, is always a good idea...


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