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Re: Curious about Ableton Live

For noise reduction Adobe Audition is the precision tool.
(aka Cool Edit, which may still be around in some form, but pc only).

--In "arrangement view", Copy/paste portions of audio files across
a workspace in an arbitrary manner
(where I can decide whether or not they sync up with the existing tracks).

Audition's perfect for that too.

...but it's not intended for live use, I don't even know if it would
be practical to host a looping plugin with it in a live situation.

However, I think the rest of your requirements would be met by
using Mobius as a standalone. (not 100% sure)


Matt Davignon wrote:
Hmmm, that may be a deal breaker for me. I'm not asking for real-time noise reduction, just the ability to de-hiss tracks once they're recorded.

    I was like:

    So, no noise reduction, huh?