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Re: Just ordered my Boomerang Sidecar

Hey Brian,
are all the functions then completely controllable with the sidecar or
is there a link to read about that?
man the thing aint cheap for a simple switch controller!

On Sun, Jul 31, 2011 at 1:30 AM, Brian Carabee <compguy2@comcast.net> 
> I just got off the phone with Mike Nelson and he's sending me out a nice 
> new
> Sidecar on Monday.
> He's truly a great guy to do business with. I spoke with him for about a
> half hour, talking about his products and the state of the live music 
> scene
> here in NY and down there in TX. The thing that strikes me is that he
> doesn't try to rush you off the phone. He connects in a very genuine way 
> and
> that's very refreshing in this day and age. Living in NY, it's rare that 
> I
> get to slow down and connect.
> I can't wait to get my delivery. Finally I'll have all the functionality 
> of
> the Boomerang at my disposal without having to bend over during a gig to
> change functions. Hate the bending.
> The nice thing about ordering from Mike is that you know you're going to 
> get
> a quality, tough, and well-engineered product. Experience has proven 
> that.
> If anyone is considering a Boomerang, I give it my highest praise,
> especially now that the sidecar is here. The unit is tough, VERY 
> forgiving
> with input levels, has great flat and quiet short-throw footswitches, and
> three modes of operation (Serial, free sync, and free). The sound is
> pristine.
> Well, I guess I'm just saying things that have all been said before, but 
> it
> is very rare indeed that I will publically sing the praises of a product
> because there are always flaws that annoy me. Not so with the 'Rang. I 
> guess
> I'm just a bit excited about the impending arrival of my new Sidecar.
> Brian