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One thing I discovered is to check the loop level settings as the current settings get stored as defaults in you change the bonus button selections. Make sure they are set to about the "7" position which I think is approximately unity gain (unless you need them set differently for some reason). Maybe it's just an input level thing though and it's already too close to the max it can take. In that case you'll probably have no choice but to reduce the input level a bit and then boost the return in the mixer to get hings back up to even again. I wouldn't think doing that would affect the sound quality much if at all.



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From: Paul Richards
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Dang! I've started to encounter some overload issues with the input. I'm sure it has something to do with the routing from my mixer but I haven't been able to identify the culprit yet. The 'Rang is being overloaded during 'STACKS' and, hence, distorting the output.
I have the 'Rang III in the Send/Return 'loop' from my Mackie Pro/FX mixer. I have the desired mixer signals routed to the Send. Recently, I added a Sennheiser microphone to the instrument mix by miking my Blackstar amp (even though the Blackstar has a line out) to get the good, REAL tone from the amp - which is a nice guitar tone.
I 'think' I eliminated the microphone from the equation by successively, turning down the Send signal and even pulling the microphone input.
I pulled the signal going to the 'RANG III down and this seemed to resolve the problem but now the output of the 'Rang III is lowered - of course - and not optimal-sounding.
'Sorry for the  long, boring story - but how are others setting up their feeds into and out of the Rang?
Regards, Paul