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LOOPING VIDEO posted by Rick Walker

Some of you have probably seen this posted at the "loopers delight' group at Facebook
but for those of you who haven't


I posted this piece which showcases a couple of new functions that I added to the LP-2 Mini Looper (quarter/quadruple speed and random retrigger). I also use liberal amounts of half/double speed, reverse and quantized replace with different retriggering schemes that are built into the LP-2.

For tech heads, I used a cheap fretless Stratocaster tuned to a scale (not an open tuning) with a Harmonic Capo at the 12 fret running through an Experience Octave Fuzz (without the octaver turned on), an LP-2 and then, finally, an Electro Harmonix Freeze pedal into a 5 watt Vox amp, miced into my computer
with an Audio Technica ATM 4033 into a Blue Icycle USB pre amp/USB adaptor.

Each side of the stereo was a separate single take in real time........they both laid really nicely against
each other though are not at all synced.

I also used a new fun iPhone video effects app (I forget which it's called) and shot the video which consists of one single take of me shooting the blinds in my bathroom at dawn.

Neither improv nor the video improv was designed for each other. I just put them together and they sounded
interesting and I resisted to urge to edit anything.

The piece is called "Beautiful Christine on the Occasion of her Birthday" and is dedicated to my lovely wife.

Rick Walker