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Re: The Wandering Madman new video

Wander on Mad Man!

On Aug 6, 2011, at 8:24 AM, FRO DIDDLY wrote:

howdy all,

sry ive been lost in the woods for a few days.....i got to play at a hippie hula-hoop festival type thing..twas very interesting... i see i sparked some conversation while I was gone.....

thank you all for taking the time to watch the video...i only wish i could offer some lsd or herbal supplement with every viewing to help ease the tension.....feel free to try licking your computer screen....it just may do the trick...

the kickstarter is mainly for the venues i will be contacting in the next few weeks...it's simply a shot in the dark for booking a tour, not trying to slam anything down anyone's throat... i simply figured the introduction and mission statement would be welcomed by the promoters-

i appreciate all the comments...both positive and negative as they provide me with motivation and amusement respectively... 

much more to come whether you like it or not...
web show this sunday at 8pm central if anyone is bored...... www.thewanderingmadman.com/webcam.html

respectfully yours,

The Wandering Madman