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OT: a brief review

I have been listening to a song from the album Grá agus Bás by Donnacha Dennehy.

The song is from a song cycle called: That The Night Come.
THe title of the song is: He wishes his Beloved were Dead
The vocalist is Dawn Upshaw

The musical arrangement is delicate and minimal which gives Upshaw's voice space to maneuver.
Her interpretation is rich and devastating.
Her emotive choices are exquisite. 
This is the most beautiful and moving song rendition I have heard in forever.

I had to listen several  times to fully connect with it. 
I would recommend listening to it a few times on whatever device you care to. 
Then when you need some gorgeousness:
wait until things are quiet, turn off the lights, and play the song on a sound system (with bass)—don't listen with earbuds or headphones, 
Let it Fill the Room.