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Re: Splitting Signal

Looking closer at the JD-7 it looks to me like a line level signal from my FX send might not be what that unit is optimized for... 

Looking now at the Rane 26s... (http://www.rane.com/sm26s.html) totally not a sexy piece of gear but it looks like it will do what I want, and hopefully maintain tone / gain... and vastly cheaper...  


(sorry if duplicate post, mail gremlins here...)

Hey Loopfolk, seeking some product advice.

Currently I'm taking mono send from my Mesa Boogie Mark IV's effects loop, out to multiple loopers (EDP, LP1, Repeater), and back to the Mk4's stereo returns, summed to stereo via (at the moment) a little Mackie 1202 mixer.

For now, I'm splitting that mono send into multiple looper inputs plus dry signal direct into mackie via a less than optimal Morley ABC box setup... but it's noisy and a little bejankety :)

I've seen a lot of talk here about mixers, but not so much about splitters: how to take one mono send and feed that to multiple inputs....

I am looking hard at this (costly) unit from Radial: http://www.radialeng.com/di-jd7.htm

Anyone have experience with it? Are there cheaper alternatives anyone might recommend?

Phil :)