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Re: OT a chorus question

On Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 3:04 PM, Michael Peters <mp@mpeters.de> wrote:
> looking for a something like a chorus VST that wouldn't just do the 
> standard
> regular chorus effect but something more irregular and organic. Imagine 
> you
> sit on top of the hill and the wind carries the sound of a far away 
> church
> bell to you, it moves in irregular ways. Or the sound of a plane passing
> overhead, if you listen to it it keeps moving and changing all the time.

That's a lovely sound I know from the real world but not yet (any
simple solution) from the plugin world :-)  It is rather a Phaser then
a Chorus effect. I think a problem with phaser effects in the plugin
form is that they dilute the attack and closeness in the sound, so I
like to apply phaser to a parallel channel and later on sum this with
the original audio. Then one can also apply reverb to the phased
signal path and get more of that "sitting-on-a-hill" vibe to it.

One has to remember that in these sound treatments the experienced
direction of moving sound or where sound appear to emanate from is
important. And this is a combination of phasing and placement of the
sound source.

A great multi plugin is PSP's N20. It contains lots of effect modules,
signal path mixing options and assignable modulation options. Of
course you can build a complex effect processing environment in Bidule
and save it as a Group, but I kind of like to have it all inside a
virtual box so I can use my saved presets with many different
platforms. The latest build of N20 suddenly became very CPU efficient
with my 2 core i7 mac, but a couple of years ago when the plugin was
new and I bought it I wasn't able to use it live (but now I have a
handful N2Os in my live patch).

> On a related note, I was looking for a delay that could do the bouncing 
> ball
> effect. Smartelectronix has made the "bouncy" delay that seems to do this
> but for some reason it doesn't get recognized in my Bidule. Any ideas?

You already have this amazing Bidule object called MIDI Paricle
Arpegiator (found under MIDI). Graphically it looks like a ball in
space spitting out smaller balls. In the spitting process you can
adjust parameters "Number of Particles", "Flow" and "Gravity - so this
calls for both control and some decent randomization. Well, my point
is that you can experiment with using those spitted out balls to
control "bouncing of sound" (in essence a delay's parameters "delay
time", "feedback", "pre delay", "pitch/speed"). Just a wild idea, I
have not tested it (since I'm not at a place where time stands still)
but it's one of those things you walk around with in the back of your
mind... for those upcoming rainy days.