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RE: EPROM replacements for Digital Pro in UK?

yo...if you can live with the older Loop 3.?? software I have some EPROMS

From: dianarama@hotmail.co.uk
To: loopers-delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: EPROM replacements for Digital Pro in UK?
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2011 12:32:28 +0000


I bought an Oberheim Digital Pro in a situation where live testing wasn't a possibility and the deal was based on trust.

However, once in my possession, the machine wouldn't boot up right and so I took it to an electrician who gave me the bad news that one o the EPROMs is corrupted.

I am trying to get my refund but in the meantime, investigating repair options for this specific problem.  I do believe it is possible, but I'm not finding much within the UK.

I know this device has a cult following so it occurs to me that I can't be the first to try to rescue a half-broken Echoplex, so please, please, get in touch if you can tell me where to get an EPROM replacement and/or direct me to a UK or Europe based Echoplex expert.

Very sad today. Please don't give instructions on how to fix it other than replacing one EPROM; I know this is the problem.

Cheers Loopers! Please help a Loopy Damsel in Distress!

xDiana, Brighton, UK