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R: Hardware shopping for Les Paul

Hi, I have had various Les Pauls and tried various others, including one 
of the 
first batch of Jimmy Page custom with three humbuckers, a Jeff Beck, a 
and a few others. Now I have a beautiful Heritage H150CM, and I think it 
the best I have tried in all of them, as woods, hardware and 
pickups/electronics. I personally like pickups that are not too powerful 
on the 
Les Paul (this one has a couple of Duncan '59 customized for Heritage 
which are really similar to the ones mounted on the Jimmy Page). A thing I 
think you should do, is to leave the existing pickups (if they are the 
ones and are not broken) and try to change only the electronics (pots, and 
capacitors), to see if the situation varies. I have found, in years 
guitar electronics for friends, that often the real problem resides just 
in the 
pots (the quality of...) and in the capacitors. If you want a classic les 
sound the first thing you could do is to read the following link (just for 
hint on what you would have to buy for the electronics...you could find 
kits of 
the same pieces in various shops): 


I have found that with relatively little money you can bring new life in 
guitar. I have an old Epiphone which had a good sound unplugged, with a 
sustain (not in the league of the Heritage, but not that much distant, 
too). I 
have made few little changes on that guitar (just pots, with CTS 500 Ohm 
and a 
couple of old caps, a graph tech nut and a Gotoh bridge and stop 
tailpiece) and 
the guitar now sounds even more similar to the Heritage (and various other 
gibsons I have tried).
As far as hardware, I would try to go with original Gibson hardware or 
with something in the same league, like Tonepro or Schaller. Which kind of 
tuners has your guitar got? Vintage Klusons (the ones with plastic tulip 
machine heads) or Grover? I personally like more the vintage ones, since 
are lighter, but I have the grover ones on the Heritage and they work 
and have a great tuning stability.

I hope I had been useful to you.

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>Ogg: Hardware shopping for Les Paul
>Hi Gang,
>I need your advice for those who are experts on LP guitars,
>i have a 1974 original LP standard natural finish guitar that  id like
>to revamp  with good quality hardware
>Im looking to buy this stuff when i go to the states and have a friend
>here install the electronics here
>id like to replace the following items :
>both new great sounding humbucker pickups
>tone poties with all the mechanism inside thats wired to them
>toggle switch selector
>a good bridge
>a nut that will help it keep it in tune better
>and great practical tuners
>The wood is great on this guitar and it has an amazing sustain but the
>hardware at the moment is really old oxidated and in really bad
>shape,the pickups squeal really bad,the poties are partly broken,the
>toogle switch makes really bad noises,etc.
>seems like the owner use to be a smoker,it has burn stains on the
>headstock as well.
>There is so much option now days with components and technology has
>gotten really good improving intonation
>there is also booster poties and such things but im not that
>knowledgable and prices vary.
>Essentially id like to preserve a good sounding LP tone,clear spanky
>fat and round,im a fan of those late 60´s Jeff Beck and Pages tone
>though the pickups that are on it now make it sound too muddy and
>undefined specially on the bass position.
>so i thought i ask here before i go shopping.
>Thanx for your advice!