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RE Bandcamp

RE: Bandcamp 

Pay what you want does work really well. I've done about 2.5K albums for 
my stuff and well over a thousand for Fierce And The Dead - but you do 
need to put the effort in for marketing, get blog reviews, get print 
press, pay for adverts, play live, shake hands, do forums and build it up. 
The key is having a decent sized mailing list - anything less than a few 
thousand and you're unlikely to get many sales so give music away free 
until you have an audience - swop it for email addresses. It takes years 
to get to that point - if anyone needs info let me know :)

Invest in google/facebook ads, get deals and work a specific niche 
audience. Ask your friends what bands you sound like and market to fans of 
those bands. Get cheap deals on mag adverts - ignore the ratecard and say 
what you have to spend.

Look to spend  few hours a day on social media - this works but takes 
ages. If you don't get any traction either you're not working the correct 
niche or the music isn't of quality that people wish to share (doesn't 
mean its not any good or artistically invalid). 

RE CDs get 100 CDr and see how they sell - once you have sold 400 get 1000 
done next time. Little steps. Fans do love digipack CDs thou - don't 
bother with the ugly plastic ones. Most mags and blogs aren't bothered 
about physical CDs - send CDRs like labels do -  its not the 90's.

It took me around 5 years before I could do music for a living and i still 
do writing as an extra income. 

Hope that helps


Matt Stevens
Matt Stevens