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semi OT: The Oram

Absolutely fascinating!  What a RARE FIND!  Enjoy....

Rev. Fever

'In order to create music on the Oram, a composer painted waveforms directly onto 35mm film strips which were fed into the machine. Inside, photo-electronic cells read the light pattern and interpreted it as sound.'

PS-Excellent comment. I fully agree.

'Excellent article. Though people may joke and say they can get that sound with a five dollar app, i think their missing the point of any history lesson - knowing your roots. and if you like music this is one of those roots. and if you like tech, this is one of those roots. its important to remember iphones didnt drop out of the sky, they came by decades of work before that, many often just tinkering in the name of science, and often i think in this age of cynacism we forget to acknowledge or appreciate the limits that people pushed with the years of hard work it took for us to be able to write a song on our phones.'