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rick's feedback pickups...

this guitar:
has a small microphone i put inbewteen my p90s,and i use on/off switches to run them...
turn it on and w/ a little distortion, you get: FEEDBACK!!!
funny thing, is if you use it clean, and turn it on w/ the other pu's it sounds quasi-piezo sounding....
works good for me. got the idea from the teuffel tesla (microphone is hidden) and david torns koll tornado guitar (microphone is inupper horn of guitar-i think saul koll probably puts better switches in for DT).
for feedback & effects it works GREAT!. i don't play w/ it a ton, but a nice option....my guitars w/ out them, i always think, these are so plain!.
having a microphonic pu made???? just buy some crappy single coils off ebay!!! i had an epiphone humbucker a few yrs ago, it was microphonic! but it sounded great!!! should have kept that one. oh well. there is a great vid of DT demoing his koll guitar, here:
there are also some nice vids on youtube of the teuffel tesla and the noise switches in action (feedback mic, 60 cycle hum switch, and killswitch)...i have my own version of the 60 cycle hum switch-it's just a kill to the ground, creates static....
good luck,