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RE: Travelling in Europe, coming soon to a city near you!

Hi Tom, its Phill Wilson ...used to post under lol c and god knows what else... we met up in New York waaaay bak in the day at Kyma.
I live in the UK 'up north , but I do travel to London sometimes at the moment so let me know the dates you will be in England and I will try my best to resurn the hospitality...alternativly come up to Hull for a really fun time with my and some of my muso friends :)
all the best and Bon Travail

From: tom@swirly.com
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2011 14:34:13 -0400
Subject: Travelling in Europe, coming soon to a city near you!
To: loopers-delight@loopers-delight.com

Hello, Loopy People.

My wife and I are travelling for six weeks in Europe - namely Holland, Berlin, Vienna, Linz (Ars Electronica), Prague, various parts of Italy, Paris and then London.

While I don't have any gigs booked, I am bringing a nice little setup (including a WX-7 and a Softstep) and would love love love a chance to jam with, or even just hang out with, some loopers or other strange musicians.

Drop me a line off-list if you're around those areas...



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