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Re: Looperlative/midi sync/cons?

marcus kirby wrote:
Alright, finally going to drop some cash and get the lp1.

1) I want to run the LP1 as a slave to a drum machine. The ability to midi sync all of the loops is absolutely necessary. How is the midi sync?

Word on the Forum appears to be that 1.39 brings midi sync to incoming 

I haven't tried it though.

If the drum machine were to *follow* the LP1, then no worries at all.

2) I've read that you can run up to six loops in a stable manner, but that loops seven and eight get a little funky. That's fine with me, since Looperlative @ $1,000 is cheaper than six EDPs @ $600.

I had 8 loops running on LP1 just after I installed 1.39

...but I don't commonly use that many loops.

On the Forum a number of people claim problems.

3) I can fade in/out, mute, multiple, etc. all of the loops, correct?

but Multiply is not the same as EDP.

if you're doing that "everything has to be on it's own track"
thing then you won't need Multiply, you'll just record a
new track that's a multiple (in length) of the master loop.

Are there any cons that I should know about?

Well, it won't do what an EDP does.
Depends how used to the edp quirks you got.
You'll have to plan out what LP1 commands you need to get your music to work.