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Re: Looperlative/midi sync/cons?

@ Andy Thanks for the manual... I had that, but thought that there had been some upgrades? Just thought that maybe there had been new features.. whatever happened to getting the scramble as a beat div instead of slow med fast (for example)
@Rick, Im not personally in the market for a LP1 (right now) but I am consolidating some gear (Selling shit) and what it becomes later depends very much on where Im intending to go musically. The LP1 might be interesting to me, and the market for both LP1 and EDPs seems quite liquid these days, Im sure I can get one used. Its a shame that Bob found the unit too expensive to produce, and that frightens me, as I want a product that will continue to be developed, especially if Ive spend 1000 dollars on it. I know the LP2 is your baby, and that lil´honeychild looks "badass" (is that the correct nomenclature?) however Im a fickle fool, and dont want a pedal, Im rack-mount or die.
I might be clearing some rack-space for something else however, something that is a little more than a twinkle in some clever peoples eyes...

Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe