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OT: Gear for sale

Hello all,

Pardon the commercial intrusion but I have a good friend who is moving
to New Zealand and cannot take his studio of toys with him.  And so,
this list.

If you are interested in anything, let me know and I'll send you his
address and phone and you can work out the details.  This is from a
very good friend of mine so I will vouch for the safety of this sale.

If any of the prices seem too high, you can try to work it out with
him after I send you the contact info.

Thanks for looking,


MOTU MIDI Express XT MIDI router/merger $200
Yamaha TG77 FM synth $250
Kurzweil K2000RS VAST synth $350
Waldorf microWave XT wavetable synth $1,100
Lexicon Vortex effects processor $200
Midiman Delta 1010 AD/DA converter $200
Yamaha AW2816 mixer/recorder $400
Fostex FR-2 field recorder $750
Mackie 1202 mixer $50
Roland TD-7 drum synth $150
Rack (with bolts and rubber washers) $50
Yamaha MJC8 MIDI router $25
Yamaha P-140 electric piano $500
Midiman Flying Cow AD/DA converter $150
Midiman Audio Buddy preamp $40
Panasonic SV3800 DAT $50
Panasonic SV4100 DAT $50
Yamaha MT120 4 track cassette recorder $50
Event PS5 studio monitors (pair) $200
Maudio BX10s sub-woofer $250
Roland A-80 controller keyboard $300
Korg Kontrol49 controller keyboard $150
CAD Equitek E-100 supercardioid microphone $150
Audio Technica AT-815a shotgun microphone $85

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