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Re: Minimum Requirements

Todd Matthews wrote:
I think mine minimum would be a two button beast:

1. Rec/Overdub/Play button that Multiplies with double click

2. Stop button, erases all with long press

...and it doesn't bother you it's a long press then another
press in order to re-record a loop?

That's my criticism of the ubiquitous Rec/Overdub button.
I always want Rec available for seamless repair of a dodgy
first loop, or for instant scene change.

Matt Davignon wrote:
What's multiply? Is that basically turning a one bar loop into a two
bar loop, etc?

yep, anything like that.

There's a number of implementations.

Either Instantly make the loop longer.

Or you start the function and keep overdubbing over copies
of the old loop till the new one's long enough.

Can also be called Re-Sample (Vox VDL-1)

EDP and LP1 can do a mult which copies writes to a new loop.
(aka Bounce)

Feedback control
Looking from it from the other side: which loopers do offer that?

Mostly if you have first loop capability (i.e. tapping to start recording
then tapping to immediately start loop playback at choosen length) you don't get feedback control.

Matt Davignon wrote:

Gino Robair showed me a brand new echo pedal last night that does only
a 15 second loop, but it's allegedly capable of pitch bends (as if a
tape loop). Unfortunately he was without batteries or power source for
the pedal, so he wasn't able to show it to me, and I don't remember
what it was. It was about the same size as a regular stomp box.

Pigtronix Echolution?

mark francombe wrote:
Wheres this going Andy...?

just interested really, especially the idea that the "best" looping device maybe turns out to be not much different to the minimum required.

I expect the parallel/series loops synced at Cycle level
will end up in Matthias' looper eventually, though currently
it's series only.