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TC Flashback (was: Minimum Requirements (mysterious pedal named!))

Hi loop people--
According to the manual, the delays are 7 seconds, but the looper is 20
seconds stereo, 40 seconds mono.
That's pretty good--but I bet there's no feedback control on the looper . .
. and no pitch shift.

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From: Matt Davignon [mailto:mattdavignon@gmail.com] 

So now I'm all:
Just heard back from Gino. It's the TC Electronic Flashback. According
to TC Electronics page, it might be only 6 seconds of looping, which
would make it not much more impressive than the DOD DFX-94s I've used
for years. (I currently use two of those to help me get drones out of
a drum machine.)

Sorry - according to Gino, the echoes are pretty impressive, but the
looper leaves a lot to be desired.