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Re: Anyone Care to run the Y2KX+1 LOOPFESTIVAL Website this year?

did you forget that I offered me for that work ?
I'm still available, let me know.


Il giorno 25/ago/2011, alle ore 11:54, Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com> 
ha scritto:

> All the wonderful people who have tithed to the festival in the past
> are not available this year so I have no one to run the
> Y2KX+1 International Live Looping Festival website for this year?
> Is there anyone out there who would be into volunteering
> to run the website (which involves posting information about the festival
> and posting individual artists URLs, photos and descriptions?
> There's no money in it........just the satisfaction of helping out the 
> community.
> The site is hosted for free (thanks to the largesse of Chris Roberts aka 
> CPR).
> Let me know.........we're getting close.
> Yours,  Rick Walker  founder,  Y2K Loopfestivals