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OT for Line 6 Dl-4 and M series users

 I also found this on the site , this little box has a footswitch and a pho resistor "peep eye" that you can toggle between  two   different hi and low parameter's on any given DL-4 or M series effect by plugging in to one of the _expression_ pedal ports.  The switch gives you a preset high and low range, and the peep eye gives you variable gesture control .The seeing eye could be very interesting for radical effects morphs.  and I'm wondering if it could be adapted to eventide products as well. The other cool thing, at around $40, its cheaper than a line 6 _expression_ pedal, doesn't take up as much space.  and one wouldn't have to ship their pedal to him for the mods. The mods however would be  a really cool thing to do as well, as they don't use up any _expression_ pedal ports.