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clarification (was Re: Kim Flint's Echoplexes for sale on ebay)

Go grab 'm while you can.  They're in mint condition, and the seller is
trustworthy and your purchase will be secure.  However, these Echoplexes
were not part of Kim's personal gear; they were donated to LD by a list
member. Unfortunately the sale will not be supporting LD as originally


"Mark Messcu" <mark@messcu.com> wrote:
>I?ve been an avid reader of the Looper?s Delight site for a few years now,
>but this is my first foray into the mailing list.  I was saddened to hear
>about Kim?s passing last year and when I recently found that two of his
>Echoplexes are up for sale on ebay (expires Aug 30, 201119:06 PDT) I 
>I should share that information here, in case anyone is interested