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Devices for convolution/impulse response

I'm amp/speaker-less, and would love a compact box for handling convolution/impulse responses.
An example of such an application could be Peavey's DeConvolver.

We've previously talked about such (VST-player) appliances here, like the Australian V-something boxes (don't recall the brandname right now).
IIRC, those were judged not really good enough, but things may've changed..

I could use a lappie, but prefer a dedicated box mounted in my rig.
This doesn't have to be a 19" device. Anything no taller than 1U will do.

Also, while I know MIDI preset switchings can be handled via some Live packages, I'm hoping a dedicated box will be easier to use, i.e. like any other programmable effects device.

Ideally, such a box would also allow running a stereo looper ;)
Anything else I already have.

van Sinn