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Re: Re: Roland gr55

On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, mark francombe wrote:

Dont you just hate it when they take away features?
Man, I remember hating Roland when Bill first got into guitar synthesizers. As always, he put so much time into programming that first synth that he had (the blue one as I recall, I don't know the number)........he had this one patch that I just freaking loved and a particular kind
of sequencer.    When the new
one came out it had new features that made it more fun, but to my ear, there was never as cool a sound on it as in the original, cruder model and I think even the sequencer had changed. Bill would know the details as he was the one who programmed it, but I was sooooo dissapointed because
in whatever band we were in at the time, we lost that amazing voice.

I remember that Alesis had an infinite reverb setting in the MidiVerb 2...............of course, when they updated (and I foolishly bought into it) that patch not only no longer existed but I was unable to customize one that sounded nearly as cool.

To this day, despite how low fi that unit was, I've never heard an infinite reverb setting that sounded as good on found sound objects.

It's almost worth going out and finding an ancient one to buy.

And speaking of archaic. I now own the very first guitar synthesizer (guitar only) that Roland ever made. I imagine it is only of interest to a collector, but it is for sale if anyone is intrigued. I'll sell it inexpensively.

rick walker