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Re: Re: Old Guitar Synths (was Re: Roland gr55)

On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, mark francombe wrote:
Why nope Toby?
Rick said BLUE.. GR 09 was blue too!!
Im not sure tho, but I dont think it had any kind of arp/seq.. checkin´So im wondering if Rick actually got it mixed up with the GR30, that I continue to sing praises for..
Bill is the only one who can definitively answer this. All I remember is that it was much more manual and less 'presety' than later versions and it was really early in the game.........not the first synth they made but really early............Bill? are you there? Help us out.

and hell...........does anyone who is doing okay financially want this piece of history that I'd love to sell (the original GS500 guitar controller for the original synth Roland put out)? I'll sell it inexpensively if it is a list member............I was advised to ask a grand for it, but I'll sell it at a fraction of that cost
if anyone here is interested.  Otherwise it's up to E-bay.

rick walker