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Re: Old Guitar Synths (was Re: Roland gr55)


Wasn't there a band in the mid '80s called that (maybe spelled Djam Karet if I actually recall)?

It seems I remember so.

Or not . . .

On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 3:58 PM, Daniel Thomas wrote:

 Thanks for the clarification and you're right.  I'd forgotten the patch.   You used that
on "Jam Karet"  on the Worlds Collide, CD,  correct?    I'm still very proud of that track and especially your playing on it, Bill.

Jam Karet-  Time IS rubber.-- 

And time really  is rubber when you are  a recording archivist like me.  

Proof-- fresh from my time bending machine-- a moment nearly lost-- Jam Karet with the fabulous band, Worlds Collide.