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Re: the infinite 5/4 challenge

I've been putting off, as a complete guilty pleasure, listening to everything in this delightful thread because the Loopfestival gets very all consuming as it begins, but I snuck
a listen to this track this morning:

Wow, really nice work, Simeon! It's also a really cool and clever subdivision of the slower quarter
note in 5/4.

Also, as a drummer, I can't get a little snooty about guitarists programming drum machines (just because they so frequently don't sound 'realistic' to my ears but this is a really great, natural feeling use of programmed drums. Listening to it, I was jealous of the drummer who got to track it with you until I read later that you had programmed it. Not that it means a hill of beans as they say, but this drummer says YEAH!!!

Nice work!

rick walker

ps  now when will you come be featured in California some time soon?
There's a juicy festival spot just waiting for you if you ever decide to cross that little pond twixt us.