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Hand held live streaming video ?

Ive got a project coming up (ok its a gig, but we're trying to be arty and get some funding) that concerns an improvised performance, by my new band the "feedback loop énsemble" While we play a dancer will interpret the music, infrom of a screen, the sceen is prjecting images created live from a computer, that is reacting to and partly created by the music. The perfomers movements are also going to be tracked by a Kinect, and that too will affect the images, and also possibly some part of the sound.

I digress. The start of the performance is a kind of pied piper experience, The audience will be told taht the gig takes place at a well known experimental music Cafe in Oslo (I took you there once Rick remember?), but the band will NOT be there. The Dance will be, and she will bring the audience through the streets, dancing infront, to the location of the real performance, a warehouse.

But I was thinking, and heres the question, aimed at you UStream crazies, or any other video streaming solution.
Is there anything yet that can run on iPhone???
Cos an enhancement of this idea, is that the audience is told to download an app or log in to a url, at the Cafe, and can see the performance space... we would start to play, and they would then be lead through the streets to the gig, watching their phones all the time (as most people are anyway!!!)

It would be a cool moment, when, over the tinny sound of all the phones,  the sound of the band is faintly heard around the corner, and as they enter the room the sound takes over.
thought this was a cool idea, but...
We´re not there with phone streaming video yet.. are we?

Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe