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FW: wery interesting guestion !

     The first song that comes to mind (which fits at least some of the 
description) is The Who's 'Love Reign O'er Me'.  It's got the (acoustic) 
piano playing fast at the beginning, the string section, and the word 
Loooooooooove!.  Roger Daltrey as an AfroAmerican?  Not so much of a 
stretch IMO...


At me an interesting question. I search for one song. Style evrodance. The 
afroamerican sings. Not Sonique, no! In the song beginning plays  The 
electronic piano, keys quickly play. Then plays ensemble of electronic 
violins. A song electronic, dancing.  The afroamerican sings a powerful 
voice: Looo oooove!... You beee o-o... Looo oooo ve... You bee o... I 
badly remember the Refrain. Like so:   You bee ooo. O-o! Iii in my go 
home! Iii in my go home!..... Looo oooove! (play piano) You beee o-o... 
Looo oooove! You bee o-o...