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Re: LP2 Random Retrigger - Quarter/Quadruple Speed

Rick Walker wrote:

*Isn't there a nice demo of 1/2 1/4 speed on you tube somewhere that
really shows how that can be used.
the 1/4, quadruple speed works exactly like 1/2, double speed in a DL-4 or EDP.
......no different........

Sure, but the way *you* use the speed change while building up layers is a lot more interesting that the more common technique
of "do a loop then half speed it", and I reckon that 1/4
speed works much better used in your way.

*I couldn't hear the effect *exactly* as described here in the demo (random retrigger) Is it more accurately "jump to Random position and keep re-triggering to it while button
is held down"?

right, so where does that rapid retriggering (stutter) sound
come from? ...and I thought I heard those getting looped too.

'play' ostinato rhythmic patterns with your foot whose timbre changes continually every time you press the pedal.

so it really needs a smooth loop for that to be perceivable

As soon as BIll and I have saleable LP-2s in our hot little hands, we'll begin making a Video Manual
and be available for questions.   I promise.

Rick Walker