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Re: Midi in Live 8

On Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 12:31 AM, Bingham Steve <stevebingham@me.com> 
> However as soon as there is audio playing then moving either of the 
> expression pedals does what it's meant to, but also causes clicks and 
> glitches in the audio!

HI Steve,

MIDI port:
Long ago I had this "CC# sweep causing zipper noise" issue with an RME
Multiface audio interface when using the RME's MIDI ports. I found a
solution in not using the MIDI ports on the Audio Interface but a
cheap MIDI-to-USB cable/converter instead.

Badly coded plugin:
Recently I've also had "CC# sweep causing zipper noise" issues related
to the SoundToys plugin EchoBoy. I talked to the developers about that
and had it confirmed that they know about the issue (but fixing it is
not their highest priority). When the plugin caused noise I was
controlling three of EchoBoy's parameters simultaneously from the same
CC# swept by the expression pedal. I fixed this issue by only
controlling one continuous parameter in EchoBoy and directing the
signal through two other plugins/mixer stages where I applied the same
exp pedal CC# to affect the other two aspects of the live morphing

The audio interface I use now, RME Fireface400, is flawless with no
issues. Only convenience is the reason I plug everything in by USB
cables into a USB hub on the MBP - the 400's MIDI interface doesn't
have the issues of the earlier Multiface.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen