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Re: OT: 24Bit/96Khz vs 16Bit/ 44.1Khz recording

Van Sinn wrote:

Sorry for the lengthy post,

don't apologise, your time is appreciated.

...here are the customary nitpicks

 The 88.2 signal will need to be calculated and dithered
exactly the same way as with any other bitrate.

I don't know if that's true. For a 2:1 Sample Rate Conversion
it's only necessary to low pass appropriately and then throw away 1/2
the samples.

To convert 96:44.1 needs interpolation as well,
and that may introduce artefacts.
(not all audio recording software is equal as regards this)

Dithering surely isn't relevant to SRC, only to bit depth.

So 16 bit would suffice just fine for the raw recordings.

To avoid loosing any 'bit' of information during the process

Surely that applies to the original recording, especially
if it's bit's are going to be "stretched out" by

Anyway, it seems the verdict is "Record at 24bit/44kHz unless you've tried a higher sample rate and got better results."