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aCTION cOMPOSITION (improvisation over a chromatic theme, a Drip painting procedure)

One take as usual.. first a recorded a short theme in one of the loops of the octatrack and then i started improvising.. again just guitar (Soloway S15/Swan 27" scale in normal tuning), V-stack tweedy and the octatrack.
Quite a few track are set to constantly record and loop so the "base lines" are sampled "live" guitar that is replayed with sequencer steps in diffrent pitches, it also has LP-filter, half speed, tweaked AMP parameter.. like a lot of the other tracks. Some tracks are also set so that i can slow down replay without affecting pitch..


The theme is A, C, A#, C#, B.. and i have no idea how to harmonize that..  so I improvise..  I keep that loop through the whole piece but manipulate (LoFi distortion) it and re sequence it towards the end...

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