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Looking for a "swell plugin" - (audio amplitude triggered level attack envelope)

Anyone know about a good volume envelope plugin? The function we call
"swell pedal" in stomp box land. I know this was up three months ago,
initiated by Bill Walker, and I then recommended the PSP N2O. But the
PSP N2O also has a high-cut filtering and I actually want a plugin in
the laptop to replace a volume pedal.

I used to rely on the excellent Swell Pedal simulation of IK
Multimedias Amplitube 3 but since a couple of months the current
Amplitube version is too crashy for serious work. I see IK Multimedia
change their business lay-out quite often and put out many different
products so I don't trust them anymore. I found a way to set it up in
Ableton Live using Max for Live but that forces you to always use Live
but that solution wasn't reliable either, and I don't think Live is
optimal for the concerts I'm making (I prefer using the application
Mainstage). That's why I'm looking for a plugin that can do this. I
need the plugin in the AU format.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen