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Need Sound Engineer for Y2K12 Looping Festival

I've just found out that we've lost our sound engineer for this
year's live looping festival.

I wanted to see if any artists could volunteer to run sound for the
three days of the festival.

We need someone to either take on the entire responsibility or at least
be able to organize who will do the engineering.

Both Maha and I can run the board but we've had had a diaspora of
volunteers for the festival this year and have to also take on
festival coordination, front of house,  transportation and other duties.

Also,  I want to thank Trevor McClain for having done such a truly good job
doing the lions share of the sound in the last two years and Daniel Thomas
who has donated the Mains, board and lights as well.

looking forward to seeing you all at the festival this year.

The dates are October 16-23rd with the main festival on the 19-21st.

yours,   Rick Walker