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Re: cycle divide+midi clock relationship (was: New discovery on EDP!!!)

Great tech thread, Mark! This was one of my biggest challenges back
when I used an EDP as the sync master. Luckily the Repeater, I was
syncing to the EDP MIDI clock output, seemed to hook up with a
division of the tempo when the EDP offered a too fast tempo (as when
you want to go glitchy and start the EDP session at a very short "8th
note"). But drum machine and delays went totally nuts.

Today I use Mobius as the tempo master looper and totally rely on its
global preferences setting for Maximum/Minimum Tempo. That way the
looper will divide or multiply the tempo with two and send out an
appropriate tempo signal within the set tempo range. That is something
I wished for even back in the EDP days. Can't think about a better
solution, really.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

On Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 9:11 AM, mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com> 
> My personal discovery of how EDP (and therfore Echoloop) is handling 
> memory
> and undo, has made me think about an old issue. Therefore new thread 
> name.
> Im wondering a bit now how people handle the difference between the 8th 
> note
> (as its called on EDP) or subcycle (as its called on Mobius and Echoloop)
> settings in relation to how they affect the midi clock output.
> When running other external gear, and using the looper as the clock 
> master,
> the 8th note quantize setting will affect your external gear.
> Now some boxes are clever, my fireworx used to be, and the GR55 is 
> clever,
> adjusting its echos and other synched effects correctly. to the nearest
> sensible division. I DOUBT you will find a drum machine that does this.
> I personally get around this by having 2 EDPs... one of them only is 
> sending
> synch to the other devices and I have it set to 8th, and never do short
> things on it... the other brother synched EDP, I routinely flip around 
> the
> 8th setting to what ever I need, 8 for musical, 64 for glitchy.
> Internally on a laptop system I guessing hosts like Bidule have some 
> er...
> bidules that can multiply and divide the midi clock, but what in 
> hardware?
> Is there a box on the market, that cleverly analyses the midi clock in, 
> and
> then translates it into a sensible clock speed, like forcing between 60 
> and
> 180 bpm?
> Or? What other tricks are there?
> Is this something that the designers of Evoloop might consider, having 2
> different settings for midi clock output multiple and quantize setting
> multiple?
> Mark
> On Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 4:50 PM, mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com>
> wrote:
>> Its all possible on the EDP, but not practical how you describe...
>> I find it hard enough to close a multiply exactly on 32 cycles, what if 
>> it
>> took 128 cycles PER musical bar... not possible.
>> I have these "smooth moves" programmed on my drum machine, and can run
>> certain patterns (bit like scripts on Mobius) when I need'em, but its 
>> not
>> nice...
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