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Re: In the market for a new laptop

Core i7 is a decentæly better optimized processor than previous generation, so, depending on needs, a 1.9GHz version might be just fine.

I'd definately replace the oldschool drive for an SSD.
Much better performance, less noise, less heat developed and lower power consumption - which likewise results in less heat as the power supply will be less loaded, all resulting in lower noise and maybe increased stability when used in hot conditions. The Samsung 840 series are very well-balanced for a variety of tasks, and fairly affordable.

One of my main lappy criteria is as large a heatsink and vent outlets as possible, as this translates directly to lower noise and better stability. I currently have an older Lenovo R500, upgraded with a faster 35Watt cpu and a Samsung 840 SSD, and will shop another Lenovo again.
Also, they're some of the only (pro) ones that comes with firewire.

kay'lon rushing wrote:
Art I looked at that link. It looks like a nice laptop but 1.9ghz seems somewhat low. Correct me if I'm wrong as I'm no computer wiz. The Laptop I use now is 2ghz. It's not i7 though.

     >From: Art Simon <simart@gmail.com <mailto:simart@gmail.com>>
     >Subject: Re: In the market for a new laptop
     >To: "Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
     >Date: Monday, April 8, 2013, 8:40 PM
     >Hi Kay'lon,
     >Most laptops are pretty good these days. I've been having good
    luck with Acer recently, so If it were me I'd probably buy
     >8Gb Ram and an i7 processor should be adequate for most live
    looping. You could swap out the drive for a SSD (solid state drive)
    if you have a large number of tracks of music being written to or
    read from the disk.
     >The biggest question mark is your sound card. Most people anymore
    use a USB sound card, and not all chipsets work equally well with
    USB audio. I would post in whatever forums there are for your
    particular sound card and find out what laptops have worked for
    other people. I'm currently using a pretty inexpensive Focusrite
    Scarlett 2i2 USB sound card and I'm getting low levels of latency
    that rival expensive RME sound cards.
     >With a $1000 budget you should be fine. Stick with lots of RAM and
    a top of the line Intel i7 processor and you will probably never
    come close to the limits of the machine.
     >On Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 11:44 AM, kay'lon rushing <k3zz21@gmail.com
    <mailto:k3zz21@gmail.com>> wrote:
     >Looking for a new laptop on windows to use for live
    looping/production. Hopefully a skinny one that is able to handle
    decently heavy vst's well. My budget is under $1000. Any suggestions?
     >Art Simon
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