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Re: strange EDP problem

In addition to Per's response, note that Axe-Fx has a soft MIDI thru (not a hardware MIDI thru). It will add a delay to MIDI messages intended for downstream devices. Cliff mentioned on the Fractal board that it is something like 20ms (IIRC).

On 2014.06.30 2:16 pm, Matt McCabe wrote:
I’m having a strange problem with my Axe-Fx and EDP.  Realtime SysEx data sent from the 
Axe-Fx (set to MIDI channel 1) is causing audible glitches on my EDP (set to MIDI channel 3).  
I’ve recorded the SysEx data into a sequencer and it is showing MIDI channel 0 - which 
seems strange...but maybe SysEx data doesn’t confirm to the channels 1-16?  Anyway, am I 
missing a parameter on the EDP to filter out SysEx messages or is there another solution?