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2014 Austin LoopFest Footage Directory

2014 Austin LoopFest Footage Directory

Here's the entire playlist for y'all wanting the goods top to bottom:

I'll be posting the videos in the Facebook groups as usual in coming weeks.
Got it all and it speaks for itself.  The first year is always the
hardest...this was a tricky one.  The venue was ideal. Great stage, great
sound, but some logistical kinks parsed the fest down to just seven
performers on a Sunday night.  They are all here for your enjoyment. And
no, I didn't play this one.

Of particular note is The Winkler (aka Clay Bowman) out of Houston, TX
with elegant and simple, ambient loops.  And a cool cat to boot.  SaulPaul
out of Austin, TX is a serious, rising star. Looping is just a part of his
total package.  He's a very engaging and entertaining performer.  Michael
Garfield, also out of Austin, TX is clearly doing his own thing with an
epic single, ambient performance for his entire set.  I'm especially glad
to have captured his set as he was unable to perform at the Y2K14 Santa
Cruz fest.

Guitar/vocals, Phrase Looper, acoustic hip-hop, 4 videos

Mike Why
Vocal, Phrase Looper, pop-tunes, 4 videos

Bass/Vocal, Phrase looper, looping duo, song forms, 4 videos

Just Alliance
Vocals, Phrase looper, pop-tunes, 4 videos

The Winkler
Guitar, Ambient looper, 5 videos

Vocal, I don't know what to call it, rap, 3 videos

Peterson Entertainment, Llc
999 East Basse Road #180-117
San Antonio, TX 78209