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2014 Las Vegas LoopFest Footage Directory

2014 Las Vegas LoopFest Footage Directory

If you can't wait to watch - here's the whole playlist:

This was more of a mini-fest. Four artists.  We went up against the free
night of the "Life is Beautiful" festival. Suffice to say our attendance
suffered.  Had no wifi - so no streaming either.  I did get everything
recorded on video.  I cut out most of my set as someone sat down at the
table where the camera was filming and was beating time on the table to my
tunes. This resulted in a shaking on the camera that made it seem like
Godzilla was dancing nearby. While funny, both in circumstance and in
playback, that footage is unwatchable.

The venue location was, in a word, unsatisfactory.

For those of you watching these videos, you'll see me and Jean-Paul doing
our thing.  Of note is Daniel Park out of Las Vegas who is fantastic and
Red Grooves, also out of Vegas.  Two new comers to our little world. Both
are worth checking out.  Red Grooves has some interesting use of tech even
and Daniel is just great.  Enjoy!

Noah Peterson - 4 videos
Phrase Looper, simple song form, sax

Jean-Paul De Roover - 6 videos
Phrase Looper, guitar/vocals, pop songs

Daniel Park - 10 videos
Phrase Looper, guitar, violin, vocals, pop songs

Red Grooves - 6 videos
Phrase Looper, guitar, bass, samples, jam band

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