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it’s the cable. it’s always the cable.

>> 2015-06-27 11:48 GMT+02:00 Fabio_A <eterogenus@gmail.com>:
>>> Yesterday night I unplugged from my MacBook power cables, USB cables 
>>> and
>>> the Fireface 400 to 800 adaptor cable (standard Belkin cable) and used 
>>> ìt
>>> for an hour or so for mixing work.
>>> This morning, after I re-connected all my gear, the RME fireface is NOT
>>> recognized.
>>> The "host" led in the front of the RME audio interface shows a red 
>>> color -
>>> instead of orange.
>>> In fact, I can't get NO sound and when I open Bidule, after a few 
>>> seconds
>>> loading, a window appears with the message "audio driver times out on 
>>> play".
>>> I've tried to switch All the gear off and on, unplugged and plug ed the
>>> cables, but the problem still persists.
>>> Fact is that I have a gig in the next 7 days and I really don't know 
>>> how
>>> to solve this weird problem.
>>> Any help would be deeply appreciated.
>>> -Fabio