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Echoplex Pain !

Hi ! 

First let me introduce myself . I am a Alex Gavril, a 33 years old 
guitarist from Romania.  In the late few months I started playing in a EDM 
project and of course i was needing a looper. First i bought the Boss RC 
300. Bad choice , it doesn’t receive midi clock . Then i bought the 
Pigtronix Infinity. I got along well with it but didn’t do what i had in 
mind . So I ordered the Oberheim Echoplex. Great Unit from what I read, 
expecially coming from a company that is known to know with midi. The 
problem with it is the Manual, is it written as the Bible , with lots of 
“go to chapter x , return to chapter y “ ( or maybe i can’t get it :))

So my problem is quite weird . Let’s say i have MORELOOPS set to 4 . I 
play the first loop, a 2 chord 2bars sequence, than I hit Next Loop and 
Multiply. Let’s say i play 4 cycles. I go back to Loop 1 and do the same 
thing but this time on loop 3, 2 cycles. My problem is, when i hit NEXT 
LOOP again to go back to loop 1 , it doesn’t start from 1. It is synced 
with ableton rhytmically, but fr instance if i play 2 chords , 1 bar each, 
sometimes it start from the 2nd chord. Can you please tell me what to do . 
I have SWITCHQUANT set to CYC ( also in the manual i dunno what CYC and 
CnF means ) 

Thanks in advance and thanks for this wonderful site , can’t wait to start 
learning some  tips and tricks . 

Kind Regards 
Alex !