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Re: ncline dvd/eh16ddl/dream pedal

scott hansen schrieb:
> i will do some more checking w/ the electrical engineer student about 
> the whacked out randomizer multi-effects pedal...to see it's 
> plausibilty and w/ a student's time,etc...
Now if you got yourself your own EE student, that's a different 
story...tell him this:

You need the following components:
* a proper case (the "pedal") - DL4-size is sufficient.
* a micro motherboard for the hw platform you're targeting - I would 
suggest x86 because I know more about this, but other things would also 
* the UI components you will require (display, knobs, buttons) - I 
suggest using a USB kit for DIYing something and go from there.
* Gentoo (linux distribution)
* pure data
* small parts (depending on your connectivity needs, this may be just a 
few 1/4 connectors or a full-blown micpre w/ pp etc.)
* SSD drive
* power supply.
* battery

The short version:
1. Use either a computer with similar hardware architecture or this 
computer with keyboard/screen connected to install gentoo onto the ssd 
and configure it to boot and be accessible via LAN.
2. Install motherboard, UI components, battery and powersupply (if 
there's room) into the pedal.
3. Install the connectivity options you need. You can make use of the 
onboard sound chipset, possibly with the aid of a few small circuit 
components (like a DI or something).
4. Build your dream effect in pure data.
5. Install pure data and your dream effect on the pedal via LAN.
6. Configure Gentoo in a way that it will wake on power and hibernate on 
7. Have fun!


ps: you see, Krispen - it IS possible. This pedal doesn't even have that 
button to step on which you dread so much ;)

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