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ncline/et al...looping

yes, i do believe that n cline said in one of his GP interviews from the last few yrs that a lot of times he leaves the eh16ddl on and then will "turn up the volume/level"(?) and run loops that way. i know i have the article saved in my archives somewhere (his interview is one of the few from GP of the last few yrs i've kept)...i also believe that in an interview (maybe it was also from GP?) e aarset said that w/ his boss dd-something pedal, he has it on the longest delay setting (i'm thinking it was 2 sec-i don't think it was the dd7) but keeps the level down to zero, then will randomly  turn it up to 100% and it creates interesting noise from all the playing....i did play w/ that quite a bit awhile back(never recorded anything) and it is a different approach to my normal mentality of playing (damn them pros-always changing the paradigm for me)...also in the last week i think i was reading some older (few yrs ago) short blip on terje rydpal (i'm spelling it wrong i know!!) and it said his he used an old boss delay pedal (i'm thinking it was like a dd2-who can keep track of those #s?) & and old zoom 508 delay-that floored me. i hadn't heard one of those mentioned forever!!!!
oh well, happy looping....