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Re: Great Quote about Looping by Brian Eno

Rick Walker wrote:
> I think this is what Eno addresses with this quotation.

Not sure anyone wanted to contradict the point he was making,
...just that his claims about those artists seemed a bit unrealistic.

> I see more artists who seem more motivated by fear than by the love of 
> creativity.   I see more artists who struggle to put anything out to the 
> world
> for fear of the judgment that they perceive to be 'out there'.    

My take is that there's vastly more people who want to be *seen*
as creative artists than really care about the art itself.
I've always thought that any true creative motivation will
exist without acceptance being an issue. 
(and if, as it's said, it does take 10,000 hours to get good
  at something, then there has to be a lot of hard work with
  no recognition somewhere along the way)

Of course, I do know people who are more critical of their own
art than would seem reasonable based on audience response,
...but these guys *do* seem to be able to get their works out there
in some way. 

Here's a good reason for making music:
"I have this notion of a sound in my head and I want to 
  make it real just so I can listen to it myself."

> Sure, there are exceptions.     There are people who put out lots of 
> fairly uninteresting music.   

Surely that's not the exception...we're drowning under uninspiration.

Another Eno observation (from the recent tv doc) was that these days
going to see music was a social event rather than an artistic one.

Put it this way, during the 80's I never thought I'd look back
and think that was a creative time...but after the 90's and 00's...

Seems to me that we're totally plagued by performers who fulfil
the social role of "creative artist" without any chance of them
actually coming up with the goods.

I'm not surprised that many genuine artists don't feel they want to
compete in the music scene.

As long as success is measured in stadium size...
> Eno is not God, certainly,  but if you go see the list of artists who 
> have come to him to help them become more creative it's a pretty fucking
> impressive list.    There's a reason that Eno is revered:      He's 
> very, very wise about the creative process.     Wise enough that he's 
> worked with
> U2, David Bowie, the Talking Heads, Laurie Anderson, Robert Fripp, David 
> Lynch, Peter Jackson, Coldplay, Genesis, Nico, John Cale,
> Grace Jones, Devo, UltraVox, James,  Jane Sieberry, Depeche Mode and 
> many, many others.
> These people are not idiots, obviously.

I respectfully advance the notion that some of the guys on that list
are bona-fide idiots. (or would be better off working in a bank)

No doubt though, Eno is a the catalyst extraordinaire.

> Rick Walker
andy butler