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SoftStep Reservation list

Hi Everybody,

SoftSteps are soon to be here. 

We invite you to sign up for the SoftStep Reservation List. We will be selling the first 100 SoftSteps directly to customers before they arrive in stores. In this introductory offer, we are also including a free Batt-O-Meter (a $34.95 value) for our first 100 SoftStep customers:

  • USB-powered - connects to a computer or works standalone with MIDI Expander.
  • Ten multi-touch keys control up to 6 unique notes, Continuous Controllers, 
  • Program Changes, or OSC.
  • Each key picks up pressure, X and Y motion, and rotation.
  • Weighs in at just over a pound, making it ultra-portable and airline-friendly.
  • Super rugged design made with elastomeric and graphite composite... "and it's beer-proof!"
  • Four-character alphanumeric LED displays and 10 dual-color key LEDs.
  • SoftStep: the most versatile and expressive foot controller available.


Keith McMillen
"Music For A New Reason"