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Re: EDP vs Looperlative

hi Phil,
it really depends what you want to do.

(for instance, LP1 is the best ever for ambient, the EDP
 for slice'n'dice)

Depends on what you're used to using.
(LP1's most basic functions are taken from the DL4)

For multi-layer arrangements LP1 is easier.
(possible on EDP in an interesting enough way if you
 think about moving from loop to loop, but limited)

For ABC section type playing EDP is easier.
(can be set up on the LP1)

If you want to exploit the full versatility of the LP1
then you'll need to think very carefully about how you 
program it...but you can do a lot.

With the EDP, the way to reach all the functions is already
thought about by the designer, again you can do a lot.

The EDP doesn't have midi learn, the LP1 doesn't have anything else.
(both approaches have advantages, to start with midi-learn is 
 easier but with a sophisticated midi controller it can become a drag).

If Undo is something you find helps with "ease of use" then
the EDP scores higher.

If adjusting the levels of tracks after recording them is something
you need then LP1 is the choice.

I'm lucky enough to have both devices in my rig at the moment, 
although I've only scratched the surface of the LP1.

Neither has a mic input, or mixing on the inputs.
(LP1 lacks input volume control)
..so you want something as a mixer.


Phil wrote:
> Are there any Looperlative users on LD? How does it compare to the EDP 
> as far as ease of use goes? Some of the stuff I would like to do would 
> involve both guitar and mic (for vocals/rhythm/sound fx etc.)...